Matillion's intuitive platform harnesses the power of the cloud to extract, load, and transform your data into meaningful business insights. Bring data from any source into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Advanced ETL solution for cloud data analysis

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Purpose-built for cloud data warehouses

Matillion enables companies to achieve new levels of:


Our intuitive UI and approach to data transformation makes complex tasks simple.


Fast time to value, from launch, to development, to production.


Built to take advantage of the power of Amazon, Redshift, Snowflake, and Google BigQuery.


Save money and pay as you go with no long-term commitments.

ETL features purpose-built for cloud data warehouses

Fuel your company's data analytics journey with a solution that helps you extract, load, and transform your data for better insights.

Data extraction

Access pre-built data loading components for popular data sources with the ability to build your own API components. Guided wizards make data loading jobs simple to set up and maintain.

Data transformation

Use a graphic user interface to drag and drop code, with optional simple to advanced transformation components, onto a canvas that can be combined to address even the most complex business logic. 

Cloud platform

Deploy Matillion ETL as a machine image within your cloud environment, leveraging the power of your cloud data warehouse with the ability to integrate with your other cloud provider services.

Data quality

Reduce your development time with real-time component-level data sampling, self-validating components, and data quality features.


Accelerate and control your workflows with our API which allows for job scheduling, job flow logic, alerting, and notification with built-in version control.

Enterprise features

We offer a variety of additional features for added security, auditing, version control, continuity, and performance. 

Data teams love Matillion

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"We came to Matillion while looking for a tool that would allow us to orchestrate our load processes for Amazon Redshift. We'd used other ETL tools previously, were blown away by how easy it was to pick up and understand Matillion. We liked the simplicity, and the fact that we could always dig into the SQL that was generated. New features are added frequently, and we usually find one or two improvements that directly impact us with each release...2+ years later, and we're using Matillion to run all our ELT jobs across various data warehouse projects, and very happy with it."

Grahm L.

Solution Architect 

 I've been using Matillion for about 2 and a half years. I've seen the software improve so much in that time. If I ever found a feature to be lacking, it would be included within the next couple release cycles. The software really seems to adapt as user needs have been evolving. Some of my favorite recent features are the ability to configure some components with just text (really saves me time) and the many Grid orchestration components which allow me to greatly reduce the complexity of the orchestration jobs...Gets better and better with each release. Keep up the good work!

Roger F.

Software Engineer ||

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